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[Photo Gallery] Discover the Magic of the Camino de Santiago Exhibition

We'll reveal - one by one - all the panels that make up the Discover the Magic of the Camino de Santiago Exhibition so that you can see the final result, even if you're unable to visit in person.

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9 things to know before you begin the Camino de Santiago

It is usual that many doubts arise before begin on our Way to Santiago de Compostela. Today we solve some of the most usual.


Discover the first postmarks dedicated to the Camino Primitivo

If you do the Camino Primitivo: enjoy his landscapes, surpass his demanding outline, celebrate it to the table and remember it with two postmarks unpublished that Posts has devoted to the route jacobea more ancient.


Finish the Camino de Santiago on the Day of the Apostle

The day 25 July is a distinguished date for all the Galicians and for all the pilgrims. It is the Day of the Apostle and the National Day of Galicia and Santiago is the epicentre. You want to live it? 


Diego Davila: “I want to plant the seed of the Camino de Santiago in the hearts of all Brazilians.”


Diego Davila, a Brazilian pilgrim and author of the blog www.meucaminhodesantiago.com is a perfect example of diversity on the Camino de Santiago. The values of the Camino in 12 months.


How to win the Camino de Santiago Photo Contest

During Summer 2017 we are looking for photos that best show the Value of the Camino. What value represents you the most? If your photo is representative of pilgrim energy, you might be able to receive one of our prizes.


Juan Carlos Pérez: “We are facing a challenge.”

The challenge of Sustainability on the Camino de Santiago with Juan Carlos Pérez, president of the Astorga Association of Friends of the Camino and promoter of the cleaning campaign A Clean Step.


Saint John's Eve, a stop on the Camino

Saint John's eve, the shortest and most magic night of the year. If you are doing Camino de Santiago that night, the mix could turn into a marvelous thing. We gather the main spanish traditions of this festivity.


Six places to visit in Leon

Thousands of pilgrims pass through the city of Leon every year, a very important enclave within the Camino Francés and a starting point for many bicigrinos, since the distance separates it from Santiago de Compostela is enough to meet the requirements and collect a Compostela. For those who started their journey farther away, it is perfect for a day of rest before facing the last stretch of the route.

Consequently, many pilgrims enjoy extra time to discover the secrets, both big and small, hidden in this beautiful city and its grand monumental heritage. So that nothing escapes your attention, we want to guide you through some of the must-see places to visit.

Let’s go, pilgrim! Won’t you join us? 


¡Buen Camino! This is our wish at Correos! – that pilgrims can fully enjoy their Camino and discover new places, histories, people and experiences through our postcards.

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