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Saint John's Eve, a stop on the Camino

Saint John's eve, the shortest and most magic night of the year. If you are doing Camino de Santiago that night, the mix could turn into a marvelous thing. We gather the main spanish traditions of this festivity.

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Six places to visit in Leon

Thousands of pilgrims pass through the city of Leon every year, a very important enclave within the Camino Francés and a starting point for many bicigrinos, since the distance separates it from Santiago de Compostela is enough to meet the requirements and collect a Compostela. For those who started their journey farther away, it is perfect for a day of rest before facing the last stretch of the route.

Consequently, many pilgrims enjoy extra time to discover the secrets, both big and small, hidden in this beautiful city and its grand monumental heritage. So that nothing escapes your attention, we want to guide you through some of the must-see places to visit.

Let’s go, pilgrim! Won’t you join us? 


Review the third edition of "El Camino acaba en Obradoiro", with Nikos Gallis

This week took place the third edition of "El Camino acaba en Obradoiro", this time with the company of former basketball player Nikos Galis, and today we tell you how it was.


The birth of philatelic pilgrimage

The Camino de Santiago and philately share much more than one would initially think. Two passions that inspire communities of lovers and amateurs, now also have the Post Office in common.


Ionut Preda: “Solidarity requires sacrifice without expecting anything in return”

Ionut Preda is a supportive Bicigrino and elite Paralympic athlete who is trying, from the Camino de Santiago, to get young people with mobility problems back to walking.


Ten tips if you are going to do the Camino de Santiago alone

Making the Camino de Santiago unaccompanied may scare you a little at first, but once you begin you will live an unforgettable experience. Today we give you ten tips if you are going to travel alone to Santiago.


What to see in Bilbao. 10 places to visit on the Northern Way

Today we'll show you ten places to see in Bilbao so you don't miss anything on your way to the Biscay capital.


Foreigners on the Camino: Predominant countries and languages

Every year more than 150,000 people come to the Camino from other countries. Today we'll discuss the languages and countries most represented on the Camino de Santiago.


Stephen Marriott: "The Way is magical and hard to describe with words, but if you walk, you will understand it"

Stephen Marriott is a British writer and pilgrim to whom the Way of St. James changed his life. A perfect example of sensitivity on the Camino de Santiago.


¡Buen Camino! This is our wish at Correos! – that pilgrims can fully enjoy their Camino and discover new places, histories, people and experiences through our postcards.

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