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What to see in Sevilla? 10 place that you should visit in the andalusian capital

We’ll cover ten places that you shouldn’t miss in Sevilla before beginning the Camino Vía de la Plata.

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Safety on the Camino de Santiago

Travelling the Camino de Santiago is safe. You must only anticipate, monitor and comply with safety regulations. Here we'll tell you everything.


Mony Dojeiji. Walking for Peace

"Strangers help each other, borders and identities dissolve and we walk appreciating everything that surrounds us. These are the fundamentals of the Peace that pilgrims live on the Camino."


How to arrive to your starting point on the Camino de Santiago

If you've come from afar, we will help you get to the starting point of your Camino de Santiago: everything concerning the connections and means of transport to common points at the beginning of the Camino.


Asturian gastronomy on the Camino de Santiago (St. James's Way): fabada, cider and much more

We continue our gastro-journey along the  Camino de Santiago (St. James's Way) and this time we'll learn about the 10 traditional dishes of the Asturian gastronomy, from the fabada (Asturian Bean Stew) to the quesadielles ( Casadiellas)


Reserving your #PAQMochila is now even easier! We've launched a new online hiring service

We've launched the new online reserve service for our backpack transport service from the Camino Post Office: #PaqMochila


Strength on the Camino de Santiago. Your stories

Today we present the best stories that you've sent us about the strength of pilgrims travelling every step of the Camino.


Monasteries offering accommodation on the Camino de Santiago (part 2)

We continue with our list of monasteries where you can stay on the Camino de Santiago. Today we’ll review the Leyre Monastery, the Poio Monastery and more.


What to see in Salamanca: 10 places you can’t miss

If during your Camino de Santiago via the Camino Vía de la Plata you are curious about what to see in Salamanca, you're in luck, because we'll be discussing this today ;)


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